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Publisher: David N. Ybarra 


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DAEIDA is officially NOT on any social media platforms whatsoever.  DAEIDA can only and always be found one place online and that is at daeida.com.  We maintain no presence or representation beyond the contents at daeida.com.  This is a policy that David Nick Ybarra (the publisher of DAEIDA) has stringently adhered to in an effort to maintain the integrity of his continued pursuit of creating pure literary art.  Should this policy change, you’ll read it here first, otherwise if you come upon a social media presence or a person acting as DAEIDA or on behalf of DAEIDA, please be aware that it is not DAEIDA nor has David endorsed anyone or any entity to represent DAEIDA beyond his direct contact details available here.  That said, he always welcome your letters, emails and calls made directly to him through DAEIDA.  

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